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Do you sell printed products on your website?

Naguro makes it easy to let your clients send in their designs via your website. Print ready in high quality, so you can work directly with their files.   Integrated with an eCommerce solution, your orders will be fully automated. Forget sending quotes and print proofs, Naguro helps you sell more!   Visit our demo site to see Naguro in action.    



Naguro is available through its API or our WooCommerce connector. Just choose yours and install it.


Any product you would like your clients to customize online, just add it to Naguro. It's easy.


For each product you can define the printable area and desired resolution. That's it, you're all set!


Visible end results will trigger your clients to buy customized products more easily.

Check out all the cool features

Designerprint offers a wide variety in printed products, mugs, puzzles, bibs, cuddly toys and many many others.

They currently feature almost 50 different products that can be designed and ordered online, and more are added every week. The site is in the Danish language, but it shows very clearly how Naguro works.

Beware; this is not a demo-site. For more examples, visit the Naguro example page.